The list of suppliers of the German electric and electronic industry

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This database is based on a hierarchically structured list of generally valid terms of the individual subject groups, in short called Sachon nomenclature®.

The Sachon nomenclature® branches from the general terms of the highest level over the technical terminology of the medium level to the exact product and service terms of the deepest level, as they are usual in the respective branches.

Companies (sources of supply) of similar products and services are attributed to the deepest, fourth level of this list (product groups). The database user is led over the keywords to the corresponding categories with the company listing.

Thus the user gets a most accurate, unambiguous and non-overlapping presentation of categories, in which the competitors of a product or a service are listed.

By means of so-called "additional lines", a listed company can point to its special products and services over keywords specifically generated.

The whole terminology, i.e. all products and services listed as well as the list structure, is editorially verified regarding currentness and validity and completed or changed according to the requirements of the market or of the customers resp.